Masak Martabak Telur Ala Abang-Abang

10/10/2015 17:15

Masak Martabak Telur Ala Abang-Abang - You can see it in the collection of cookbooks. If you do not want to spend money, you can search for recipes on the internet article. Which will be discussed this time is a meat-based recipes archipelago. There are different types of meat, but beef is among the most popular. Although it takes longer to cook because the texture is quite tough meat, beef has a distinctive flavor.

Before making stews of meat, there are some things to know. First, the meat from young cattle are usually more tender and easily cooked. This could be a consideration if you do not want to waste time while cooking. Then check again the freshness. The original beef that is not mixed with various chemicals is the best choice. Meat young fresh red. If the touch is still chewy, not hard.

Another tip for beef cook gently let small pieces. It seems like this does not need to be explained at length. If there are pieces of meat into small pieces will cook faster. Here is the recipe of boiled meat Indonesia practical. How to make Heat the pan, then add the oil. After the heat, saute ground spices until fragrant exit. Enter the beef that has been diced. Then enter the soy sauce to taste. After that, enter the water and cook the meat until the marinade is absorbed. Because potatoes cook faster, you can put a few minutes before cooking is lifted. Cook for about 20 minutes or until the meat turns into a chewy texture. Serve the stew meat and sprinkle with fried onions on it.